Traditional Irish Bouzouki, 8 Strings Walnut Spruce Top


• Walnut body and neck with a natural finish
• European spruce soundboard for a clear tone
• Adjustable neck bar
• Massive mechanics
• Custom Celtic designs on the soundboard.
• Movable bridge for sound adjustment
• Scale length 648 mm
• Including high-quality padded travel bag and extra string set
• Vote: DADG (G2-B5)
• Every bouzouki is checked in our showroom in Ireland

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A brand new Traditional Irish Bouzouki, 8 Strings Walnut Spruce Top made with custom strings for this warm, traditional Irish heartland dulcimer banjo composed of 13 solid rosewood staves. Is provided. The best materials and tone woods are used, which offer the best sound for amateur and professional musicians.

These bouzoukis have solid tops that produce a sound that only gets better with age. This is a fantastic pull-out and plays the Bouzouki, with a low price!

Most of these inexpensive bouzoukis are designed to be easy to play.

The Irish bouzouki body and fingerboard are made of solid walnut. The soundboard is made of solid spruce wood for a crisp tone. On the soundboard is engraved a beautiful Custom Celtic Design. The bridge is made of walnut wood and it is a movable enemy sound setting. It has solid gold plated tuners for good tuning experience. The length of this bouzouki is 648 mm. Recommended tuning: DADG (G2-B5), This Bouzouki model comes with a high-quality padded nylon case for on the go and additional sets of string


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