McHugh Harp 34 String in Walnut Round Back


• 26 hard nylon strings from DuPont
• 8 special harp steel strings
• 34 new high quality quick release levers
• The strings are colored according to the notes for easy play
• Body made of solid walnut wood
• Soundboard made of solid spruce wood
• Round Back Soundbox
• Stainless steel fittings
• 49 inches high
• The range of this harp ranges from C2 to A6

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Music House Prince McHugh Harp 34 String in Walnut Round Back (HRBMC34W) features 34 tough nylon strings from Dupont with 34 high quality quick release levers. This harp model covers more than 4 octaves. Special soundboard made of solid spruce. Note of this harp is from C2 to A6. This harp is 49 inches high. Harp comes with an extra string set, harp tuner and a padded bag


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