McHugh Harp 20 Nylon String in Rosewood Flatback


• 20 strings – Excellent light harp
• Write down the range of B3 to G6 color codes for easy play
• Full lever harp – Easy key change
• Handmade solid wood frame – plywood panel for exceptional sound and strength
• Voice tool and additional string set included

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Music House Prince McHugh Harp 20 Nylon String in Rosewood Flatback with 22 DuPont Hard Nylon Strings, B3 to G6, 20 Sharpening Levers. It is a rosewood frame and a high quality finish spruce wood board for exceptional sound and strength. Nice harp with new styling knobs. This is a beautiful, natural looking, simple harp with clean lines. The natural wood grain and color is unique to each harp and may differ from the photo.
Includes a tuning tool and an additional string set.


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