Lyre Harp 10 String Lacewood


• solid top wood body
• Celtic design engraved on the body
• Solid spruce soundboard for good sound.
• Soundboard engraved with beautiful Celtic design
• rosewood bridge
• Stainless steel fittings

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Music House Prince Lyre Harp 10 String Lacewood. It’s a solid lacewood body that lends itself to the gentle, gentle curves of this ten-string lyre. There are ten metal strings that provide a classic sound, and this is evoked by the solid spruce wood board. Soundboard and body are engraved with beautiful Celtic motifs. It’s as beautiful as a piece of jewelry that you can hang as a work of art if you do not use it. Here are accessories that are included: Harp Tuning Tool, Gig Bag and Extra String Set.

To play: Hold it upright in your lap or while. Or lay it flat and pick it. History and Tuning: In the Middle Ages in Eastern Europe it was used as a Jewish folk musical instrument. It is a Jewish troubadour known as Klezmorim and is used in weddings and other celebrations. The Klezmer music finally mingled with Slavic, Greek, Turkish, Gypsy and even American jazz tempo and rhythms. For Klezmer Music, try the Misheberakh mode, which reads: EF # GA # BC # DEF # G. His vocal style uses chazzanut mode. Start with the bass as follows: DEFG # ABCDE F. Two alternative tuning methods that work well with the singers who are comfortable in the key of G are: GABCDEF # (E is tonic)


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