Descant Lute, 7 Course Rosewood


• The body has a classic bowl back fashioned from Rosewood staves.
• Rosewood Neck and Rosewood wood Finger Board
• 8 tied nylon frets, 4 wooden frets
• Its peg box is aesthetically decorated Rosewood tuners.
• European spruce soundboard with pearwood bridge, and Rosewood end pin.
• Suggested tuning is: A4, E4, E4, B3, B3, G3, G3, D4, D3, A3, A2, G3, G2

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Music House Prince Descant Lute, 7 Course Rosewood Left Handed is a beautiful short necked sized lute. Descant, refers to its size; placing this lute just above the alto lutes. It usually carries 13 nylon strings in 7 courses with a scale length of 19.75″ (500mm).

The European lute is featured in instrumental music from the early Renaissance to the late Baroque periods. Its early origins are vague, but its real heritage comes from the Egyptian Oud. There is evidence of the lute in Europe as early as the 12th century, but it really became popular in the 15th century, falling out of use around 1800. The lute enjoyed a revival with the early music movement of the twentieth century and has grown in popularity.

Our descant lute model LTS7R-L is a left handed 7 course lute. Body of this lute is made of 11 rosewood staves. Soundboard of this lute is made from European spruce which has a laser engraved rosette. It’s peg box is aesthetically decorated rosewood with rosewood tuners. Fingerboard is Ebony wood and Neck is rosewood. This lutes end pin is made from rosewood. This lute has a scale length of 500mm. It has 8 nylon frets and 4 rosewood frets. Best quality 3 nylon wound strings and 10 rectified nylon strings are used on this lute. Suggested tuning from high to low: A4, E4, E4, B3, B3, G3, G3, D4, D3, A3, A2, G3, G2 (can vary depending on player preference). A padded nylon case and Extra string set is included with this lute.


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