Balalaika Traditional Musical Instrument

Balalaika traditional musical instrument
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 The Balalaika is a Russian traditional musical instrument. A wooden shape musical instrument with three, four and six strings.  Since centuries balalaika is a popular instrument amongst the musicians to entertain people. 

Not to mention, from the smallest to the long prima Balalaika consists of 60 to 70cm and to measure almost two meters. The back of the instrument is a beautiful craft into three to nine sections, and the top is a lovely decoration.

In addition, it is a famous instrument in Russia and the produce is handmade in instrument factories and is the most precious instrument. In Russia, you can buy a handmade Balalaika at various music shops. 

Features and Description 

Furthermore, the body of the Balalaika is a classical and unique triangular. The shallow resonator is in three sections, a back, a baseboard, and a flat soundboard. Usually, The end is arch fan-shape with the interior woodblock joining with the resonator to the neck. Usually, the baseboard is reliable and a beautiful piece of instrument. Balalaika liked by people around the world.

Moreover, it has unique sound and quality — a unique traditional production composing of the best elements for the amateurs and professionals. The primary material used in the making of a conventional Balalaika is maple wood which is mostly in demand. As a matter of fact, The instrument comes in the highest quality varnish finish ensuring the top and best quality of shine on the device overall.

Playing the Instrument

In the long run, a unique instrument in play both by a standing and seated performer. The player plucks the strings carefully by a downward motion of the right thumb uniquely and moves in the lines with a right index finger stopping it against the fingerboard with the fingertips of the left hand. By and large, the typical standard tuning of the Balalaika is E4-E4-A4. The musical instrument has a modest dynamic range.


As can be seen, it is an evolution of the Balalaika since its origination in the earlier centuries. The early form of the instrument has fewer frets and made from the owner made materials. In the latter half of the 19th century, the manufacturing of the musical instrument in the industry overall and more frets and advancement also. Equally important, large orchestras of the musical instrument organize before the beginning of the 20th century. Even today it remains the most famous piece of musical instrument amongst the Russian people and around the world.

Orchestral Instrument

Balalaika is a solo and orchestral instrument.  The Russian orchestras use four varieties of the instrument:

  1. Prima
  2. Alto bass
  3. Double bass
  4. Contrabass

Given these points, the prima is a solo instrument and a unique, essential type. Balalaika at includes the most commonly used variations. Together with, we strongly believe that the music created by the musical instrument will come on expectations/ To sum up and reach the highest standard. You can visit our store in UK to have a look and try it yourself.

74 / 100

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