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Music House Prince is one of the top and leading traditional, folk and modern musical instrument seller in UK. Since 1980, through our dedication and hard work we have different musical instruments for the music enthusiasts such as the Lever harp, Lute, Irish Flute. Bodhran Drums, Hammer Dulcimer and many more.

Our aim is to present the music lovers with the finest and the highest quality of musical instruments. Music House Prince believes in the highest quality and presents you with the finest instrument of true craftsmanship.

The store of Music House Prince is located in London. Our staff consists of the experience and customer friendly that has the love for music. Moreover, we offer after sales service and support to our valuable customers. The customer satisfaction is always the number one priority for us and we believe in building strong customer relationship.

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We are making musical instruments from 1980’s. In every Period of time we have a lots of satisfied customers and although we chage our designs by the trends.

Music House Prince is one of the best musical instruments seller in the digital world having a-lots of different musical instruments such as Harp, Lute, bouzouki, Irish Bodhran Drum, Irish flute and much more.


Delivering high class musical instruments to the world.


We offer free shipping all over United Kingdom and reasonable shipping


One year liability of Music House Prince instruments .


Music House Prince offers you with a variety of different and new styles.


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