Music House Prince34 Saiten Claddagh Harfe Rosenholz


Our original size Claddagh harp was designed for students, beginners and hobbyists. Each of our Celtic and Folk harps features stunning hand-crafted designs, a hardwood frame made of rosewood, a light ash wood soundboard, nylon strings, quick release levers, and durable tuning and bridge pins.

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Our full size 34 Saiten Claddagh Harfe

  • 34 hard nylon strings from Dupont
  • 34 gold-plated levers
  • massive rosewood body
  • Oak wood soundboard
  • round rear sound box
  • special stainless steel hardware
  • This model of our harp is 49.5 cm high.
  • The range of this harp ranges from C2 to A6.
  • This harp comes with an additional string set, a harp tuning tool and a gigbag for this harp. EAN 13 – 7426806017623


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