36 Saiten Trinity Harfe Walnuss


Our Trinity harps are clever folk instruments
Perfect instrument of first choice for beginners and students. Only the best
Tonewoods are used in every instrument. These are the best harps today
Marketplace at competitive prices.

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36 Saiten Trinity Harfe Walnuss features:
* 36 hard nylon strings from Dupont
* 31 Sharpening lever with stainless steel fittings
* 5 octaves, perfect for boarding through classes
* massive walnut body
* Birch soundboard and box.
* The frame is engraved with a beautiful Celtic design.
* This harp model is 51 inches high.
* The range of this harp ranges from C2 to C7. * This harp comes with an additional string set, a harp tuning tool and a bag for this harp. EAN 13 – 7426806019153


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