28 Saiten Claddagh Harfe Walnuss


Our harp program was developed for students, beginners and hobby players. Each Celtic and Folk harp consists of a hardwood frame made from a selection of woods, a tonewood soundboard, nylon strings, quick release levers and durable vocal and bridge pins.

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The Music House Prince 28 Saiten Claddagh Harfe Walnuss harps are essentially Celtic instruments that a Perfect first choice for every Harp student. High quality warm ash wood and walnut wood were used in making these harps, and the round walnut back reinforces the sound of the 28 Saiten Claddagh Harfe Walnuss Harp.

Our harps are the best in the market today at competitive prices.

  • Features: 28 hard nylon strings from DuPont
  • 28 quick releases
  • Solid walnut wood
  • Oak wood soundboard
  • Round rear sound box
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Tuning key, additional sets of strings and a padded bag
  • Comes with 3 years manufacturer’s warranty and 30 days money back guarantee


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